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Second Shift is the term given to additional unrecognised and unpaid work carried out mainly by women in the home. The Clothes Peg Necklace questions power dynamics and is cast in bronze, giving value to invisible domestic work. The Queen Necklace is double headed and made by a wood turner in Hertfordshire using surplus piano restoration material.

Clothes Peg (Bronze, recycled)

Queens (Boxwood, cherry wood, ebony recycled)




This ongoing range connects with contemporary issues, including climate change and the London housing crisis. The make-shift posters carried by the School Strike for Climate protestors in 2019 become enamelled necklaces as a permanent reminder of the power of young people to demand change. The Surveillance Necklaces are inspired by Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (and the use of personal data for profit) and the UK 2018 Necklace is in the form of an engraved brass plaque and is derived from the UN report outlining the impact of government austerity policies. The Lockdown Necklaces of 2020 were made during the pandemic using canvas cut-outs and the Housing in London Necklace casts Monopoly houses in bronze.

Left: Emergency (Traffolye offcuts, silver), Right: Greta. (Recycled plastic, string) 

School Strike March (Enamelled steel)

School Strike March (Enamelled steel)

Left: 1.5 degrees. (Traffolye offcuts, string), Right: Fires are Burning (Enamelled copper)

Left: Glaciers are Melting (Enamelled copper), Right: Copper nuggets (Copper, cord)



Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Left: Lockdown (Brass, silver), Right: Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Lockdown (Canvas, string)

Left: UN Report on UK (Engraved brass, string), Right: Housing in London (Bronze, rubber)

Greta’s Tweet 27/12/22 (Brass offcut, sterling silver) Right: This is England  (Traffolyte offcut, sterling silver)

Beautiful World, Where are you? (Traffolyte offcuts, engraved, sterling silver)

This is England (Traffolyte offcut, sterling silver)

Beautiful World, Where are you? is the title of a poem by Friedrich Schiller, set to music in 1819 by Schubert and is also the name of a book by the Irish author Sally Rooney. Responding to machismo and hostility with climate action, Greta Thunberg’s tweet of 27/12/2022  to a professional misogynist became one of the top ten tweets of all time. Words and slogans from fly-posters on the streets around Kings Cross and the universities in Bloomsbury are used in the ongoing This is England series of necklaces which also reference The Book of Trespass by Nick Hayes.




Ash is Britains third most common tree. However 80% of all Ash trees are due to die of the disease Ash dieback within the next decade. This series of necklaces reminds us of their fate and how we will miss them. The Ash Pendants are made from ash trees felled due to the infection, with the ‘face’ modelled on Munch’s The Scream.

Looking at Ash (Enamelled copper, rubber)

Bernard Street WC1

Left: Kenton Street WC1, Right: Ash Dieback (Engraved brass, ribbon) 

Byng Place WC1

Left: Herbrand Street (Bandage, gold leaf), Right: Judd Street WC1 

Left: North Downs Ash (Mirror, ribbon), Right: North Downs Ash Tree Fraxinus excelsior

Screaming Ash (Ashwood, rubber)

 Bidborough Street WC1

 Hastings Street WC1

All Flesh is Grass (Brass offcut, sterling silver)