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Souvenir ‘a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, a place or an event’. This ongoing series incorporates a range of necklaces inspired by London. They extend from Regents Park Rose Garden (with its emotive and sentimental rose names) and the late nineteenth century English Garden (with trees from all over the world) to the contemporary relevance of William Blakes 1794 poem London and the demise of oyster eating. Oysters were widely grown in the Thames and enjoyed by everyone until the late nineteenth century, providing an important source of protein. However privatisation, overfishing and pollution led to reduced supplies and eventually turned them into a luxury commodity, synonymous with wealthy Londoners. The Mirror Necklaces reflect their surroundings, the images changing as the wearer moves. A 100m long urban flowerbed in Kings Cross, London is celebrated with the Camley Street Necklace, highlighting a range of planting from fennel and artichokes to turkish sage, red hot pokers and golden oat grasses.


Gordon Square London WC1

Left: Gordon Square London WC1, Right: Tavistock Square London WC1

Tavistock Square London WC1

Regents Park English Garden, London

Regents Park English Garden, London

Regents Park English Garden, London

Regents Park English Garden, London

Regents Park English Garden, London.

London Oyster

Left: Tate Modern Gallery Louise Bourgeois, Right: World Service Radio Station

Left: Erith Pier, Bexley, London, Right: Houses of Parliament, London

Left: London Mirrors, Right: Kings Cross, London

Left: Southwark Park Trees, Right: London by William Blake

Left: Camley Street Flowerbed Necklace (Traffolyte offcuts, sterling silver chain), Right: Camley Street, Kings Cross, London N1

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Carved wooden animals (birds, foxes, rabbits) represent favourite playthings and childhood memories. The Look Up! necklace is a reference to adolescent screen time take-over and the plywood laser-cut word necklaces explore shared teenage and middle-aged hormonal states. With three sons now living in different parts of Britain, the Scotland Wales England necklace relates to the individual countries symbolic flower types of thistles, daffodils and poppies. 

 Look Up!. (Acrylic offcuts, ribbon)

Left: Binoculars (Cardboard, string),  Right: Camera (Cardboard, string)

Words (Plywood, ribbon)

Words (Plywood, ribbon)

Words (Plywood, ribbon)

Woodland Animals (Ash, rubber)

Woodland Animals (Ash, rubber)

Insomnia (String, latex)

Left: Discontinuous Lines (Aluminium, ribbon), Right: Emojis (Clay, ribbon)

Left: Emojis (Clay, ribbon), Right: Discontinous Lines (Aluminium, ribbon)

Plaits (Wool)

Left:  Three Cedars (Traffolyte offcuts, sterling silver chain), Right: Toggles (Deer Horn, leather)

Playing in the Woods (Yew from the North Downs, silver) 

Son in England (Poppies)

Son in Scotland (Thistles)

Son in Wales (Daffodils)

Left: London Calling (Engraved brass offcuts, sterling silver) Right: Bristol Bands 1980s (Engraved brass offcuts, string)

Mother Tree (Traffolyte offcuts, sterling silver)

Two Sides of the Same Coin (Traffolyte offcuts, string)




These necklaces capture seasonal attributes in material forms from plaited autumn straw, painted spring magnolias, wood turned to express birdsong, summer buddleia moulded in clay and winter candle necklaces cast in beeswax. The Spring Cherry Blossom necklace is arranged with the individual cherry trees in the sequence that they blossomed (London 2019) from Okame to Tai Haku to Amanogawa. The Attention is the Beginning of Devotion necklace is taken from a nature essay by the ecofeminist poet Mary Oliver, reminding us that in an age of distraction, the unnoticed cannot be loved.

 Autumn Harvest (Straw)

Spring (Bulb, latex)

Left: Spring (Bulb, latex), Right: Spring Daisy Chain

Left: Spring (Terracotta, string), Right: Spring Bird Song (Cherry-gull, walnut- sparrow, elm-skylark)

Left: Spring Cherry Blossom, Right: Summer Cherry Pips (Pips, silver, wire)

Spring Magnolia (Painted Canvas)

Spring Magnolia (Painted Canvas)

Brilliant Green (Traffolye offcut, sterling silver)

Left: Summer Buddleia (Clay), Right: Summer (Scallop shell, copper)

Left: Summer Udders (Enamelled copper, wool), Right: Winter Candle (Wax)

Left: Winter Candle (Wax), Right: Winter Christmas (Paper)

 I am the Weather (Engraved brass offcuts, sterling silver chains)

Attention is the Beginning of Devotion (Engraved brass offcut, sterling silver chain)

Think Vegetatively (Engraved traffolyte offcut, sterling silver)




This series celebrates and records aspects of regular walks in London and further afield. The Thames Path from St Pauls to Greenwich becomes a continuous tape identifying landmarks.  Walks across the landscape of the North Downs reveals flints hidden in the chalk, which are ‘flint-knapped’ to resemble tools used by the Downs early inhabitants. Circular island routes around Tiree in the Hebrides are engraved into copper tags and enamelling is used to reflect the colours of forest walks in Dalsland.

Walking Sundserud (Enamelled copper, wool)

Walking Sundserud (Enamelled copper, wool)

Left:  Walking Tiree (Copper, silver), Right: Walking Hebrides (Copper, silver, ribbon)

Left: Walking North Downs (Alarm, solar charger), Right: Walking North Downs (Compass, bell, whistle)

Left: Walking North Downs (Flint), Right: Walking Boxhill to Dorking (Plantlife, latex, string)

Walking Thames Path (Woven continuous tape)

Left: Folk Song, early 20th century (Engraved brass offcut, sterling silver chain), Right: North Downs Yew Tree Forest (Yew wood, sterling silver chain)